Sunday, May 28, 2006

Please evangelise me better!

My friend Chris said to me in the pub last night, “Marc, you never really made a sincere effort to convert me when we shared a flat” – whereas I thought I was always banging on about Jesus and that, trying to persuade him.

Pretty damning, eh?

So I’ve decided to pull my finger out and try harder all round!

I guess part of Chris not feeling too got at was my not really having a seeker-friendly church (!) to drag Chris along to, where we were living in Southend-on-Sea, but perhaps we’re rather over dependent on events and invites for our evangelism?

* * *

Chris was being terribly modernistic in argument (if what you're saying is true then all other views are wrong etc.) whereas Jeffers seemed to be explaining that some people believe that everyone has part of the truth and all roads lead to God. I hoped this wasnt the way of the future for Bishop Neil? Sorry, Archbishop.


Neil Jeffers said...

When did I say that? Slanderous comments! Are you sure you haven't confused me with someone else?

Marc Lloyd said...

No, I'm pretty sure it was you and that you said that sort of thing: purely for educational purposes and to aid Chris' understanding of what other people were saying in the conversation, that is. I should add that I thought you gave a true and accurate summary of what some people think.

Neil Jeffers said...

I think I've remembered it. Having made the point that Christianity was unique among world religions because of the divine claims of Jesus, Chris responded that every religion thought it was unique, which therefore means Christianity isn't unique at all. I suggested that Hindhuism and Buddhism didn't necessarily see themselves as unique in that sense, thinking they were more accurate but that others also had truth. I hope I made clear that they are WRONG, and Christ remains unique in history.

Marc Lloyd said...

Yes, that's right. Exactly as I said above, don't you think?

I'm sure I, we, Chris and all discerning readers of this blog will realise that Neil Jeffers is a (proper) Conservative Evangelical orthodox believer type, in no way a Buddhist, Hindu or Multi-faith masher and a thoroughly good thing.

No slander intended!

Hope that's all alright with the lawyers.

When is slander, libel, by the way?

Neil Jeffers said...

Slander is spoken/broadcast; libel is written/printed. You forgot 'Reformed'!