Friday, May 12, 2006

"Good" High Church Anglo-Catholic Shows

Whilst I am mindful of The Hurt of Hearing The Mass (John Bradford, puritan text) and I dont think I would knowingly stay in a service where I could reasonably leave if the minister (a) said he were performing a propitiatory sacrifice or (b) said the bread and wine were physically become Jesus’ physical human body and blood, it would be great to see the show at a rich High Church Anglo-Catholic church done really well and talk to a thought through minister who had used the authorised form of the Church of England and knew his onions.

Options might be:

All Saints, Margaret Street
St Mary’s, Bowe Street
Holy Redeemer, Clerkenwell

They’d be in pretty nice areas in central London – but obviously if you’re a strict Sabbatarian that’s less important as you wont be chewing the cud in the pub afterwards.

Anyone want to go on a jolly?


Ros said...

I can't believe you'd even consider going to any church 'on a jolly'. Surely church 'tourism' is one of the least helpful side-effects of a more mobile society. If you're 'just visiting' somewhere then actually you're escaping the discipline and fellowship of your own church family in the local congregation. I can't see why you'd want to be anywhere other than your own church on a Sunday if at all possible.

Liam Beadle said...

Bearing in mind John Bradford's warning, and Ros's wrath, I cannot counsel a visit in good conscience, but I think S. Mary's is on Bourne Street rather than Bowe Street. It is handy for Peter Jones, although I suspect on a Sunday that is less relevant than at other times.

Marc Lloyd said...

Ros, I wanst suggesting missing the main Sunday Morning Service of Covenantal Renewal at ones own church. Once one has done that, duty is done. Surely it is good to go to church happlily with interest and enthusiasm, with friends? It is good to have fraternal relations with other congregations, to learn from others, or at least know your enemy (colleages)? Dont your comments raise pretty major issues for the college placement scheme? What would you do if / when you are in charge of (girlie, non-Ordinand?) Certificate of Ministry training?

Marc Lloyd said...

Liam, yes, I would vaguely try to avoid shopping on a Sunday. But we do have our wedding list at John Lewis, of which group I believe Peter Jones is a part, so that could be handy? I liked briefly at the wrong end of The King's Road with Jeffers (1st flat on the World's End Estate - Jeffers got it free from the church for playing the organ a bit while he supposedly worked full time for Barclays!!!).

Jane Kelly said...

I want to leave London and find a nice village somewhere peaceful and easy on the eye - I also want an Anglo-Catholic church to go to.
Do any of you know any good villages with good churches I could look at?

Jane Kelly said...

I would like to leave London, after 25 tempestuous years and move to a tranquil rural location - but I also want an Anglo-Catholic church to go to - does anyone know of any good churches in good villages?

Marc Lloyd said...

Warbleton, Rushlake Green and Bodle Street Green are very lovely villages. And you'd be very welcome.

I'm not sure we're exactly Anglo-Catholic. I'm probably not the best person to ask abou that.

Churches in the countryside tend to be more middle-of-the-road as they cater for the whole village whereas in a town people can choose the church of the exact brand that they prefer.

Hope that helps? And maybe see you in church one day?!