Sunday, May 28, 2006

My uncle's view of the Oak Hill lot

If it isnt a social faux pas to quote an email one has recieved, on one's blog, I thought those strange wanna-be vicars at Oak Hill who had been chatting to my atheist uncle about God and science etc. yesterday might like to know that he's not yet on the point of "praying the prayer" or signing up for ordination training.

Amidst saying lots of nice things about the day, and picking up on my comment about the strangeness of Oak Hill, he said:

The trainee vicars are indeed a strange lot and never really answer my underlying curiosity about the brain separation that seems to be going on - they invariably simply revert to - "the answer is in the gospels"....
Thanks again both for the ... insite into the weird world vicars.
I think one of the big puzzles for my uncle is, how can obviously clever and otherwise sane people, who in some cases know lots of science, possibly believe in this made-up God and swallow the Bible whole?

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