Friday, May 12, 2006

Liam Beadle's Blog Reccomended

For interesting observations on life in modern Britain, Reformed theology, poetry, music and song, little reflection on McChyne readings and general goodness I would highly reccomend the blog (web log) of Mr Liam Beadle (BA hons Oxon, theology, St Peter's College, 2000?), Associate of Holy Trinity Church, Lyonsdown. And of course my excellent comments which put right or take further all he has said. :)

Watch out for a dangerous appreciation of Karl Barth and Roman Papish trumpery, new arguments, substantial evidence, the danger of learning and having to change your mind. Better stay in the box: its safer in that dark corner.

I have had occasion to quote Liam a few times and even to plagarise him; and he has been a great help with music and citations. So now justice is done.

And watch this space because he's going to tell me where the Reformed Conservative Evangelical hero Benjamin Brekenridge Warfield (of Westminster Seminary fame, and sometime editor of Cattle Breader Monthly, Carl Trueman tells me) agrees with calling The Lord's Supper a Sacrifice in print!

And I should have said, the format is the same as mine:

What could be better?


Ros said...

'Cattle Breader Monthly' - what a truly terrifying thought. I'm not sure even an American could eat a whole breaded cow?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Warfield was livestock editor of *Farmer's Home Journal* of Lexington Kentucky, for about a year in 1873.

Anonymous said...

Ros, maybe not in a single sitting, but bear in mind there are 3 meals in a day.

Anonymous said...

and, incidentally, that's not the same format as yours, and its incorrect. it's

Marc Lloyd said...

Matthew, I'm confused: my version of liam's blog address seems to work?

I had the Cattle Breader anecdote from Carl Trueman and thought he was being pretty specific. But I stand corrected. It sounds like you have a footnote at your fingertips?

There's no proper biography of Warfield, is there? Didn't he devote much of his time to nursing his sick wife?