Thursday, June 25, 2009

My theological commitments

I could probably write quite a few words about my theological commitments, those which I hold most dear, and various opinions to which I'm sympathetic to varrying degrees. Best, perhapsm to keep it brief here and give a few headlines.

If I had to summarise the gospel and what is most important to me in 4 words I would certainly say:


I try to be committed to the Triune God, the Lord Jesus, his gospel and word and people and world and work and so on. I want to be nice and thought-through and kind.

Two Ways to Live gives a good summary of the basic message of the Bible for the individual, in my view.

I am a Reformed Evangelical Anglican Catholic Protestant Christian. Again, I could go on about what I mean by those things.

At my ordinations I made the Declaration of Assent included in Common Worship (p.xi) and meant it.

I believe the Bible and the ecumenical creeds, since they say what the Bible says and are supported by the ancient and overwhelming witness of the church.

I want to try to understand the Bible more and more richly and deeply in all its fullness and range.

I would happily sign-up to the UCCF, Evangelical Alliance, CPAS doctrinal statements etc.

I believe in reason and doctrine and think the tools of Scholasticism are often useful. We must distinguish!

I like the 39 Articles of Religion and the Book of Common Prayer.

I am in favour of the Old Testament and the sacraments. I approve of the church and I like creation. I think the gospel will win. Children are a blessing. Liturgy is good. I would like to know the Psalms off by heart.

I want to have fellowship with all that those people Jesus has fellowship with and be willing to learn from others, including those with whom I might disagree.

I hope that helps you to understand a little of where I am coming from, if for some reason you are interested.

Every blessing!

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Cajun Huguenot said...

Interesting. I think we are in close agreement, on what you wrote here. I also like Nevin's defense Calvin's view of the Eucharist.