Thursday, June 25, 2009

About this blog

This is my personal weblog. Thanks for stopping by. There's no real reason why you should be interested in it, but if you are:

I wouldn't want you to assume that this blog represents what is most important to me or what my ministry is like. Here is some stuff that for whatever reason I have seen, heard or written and thought might as well live here.

Nothing on this blog has been endorsed by my church, employers, bosses, Bishops, wife, kid, cat, dog or anyone else unless otherwise stated!

I sometimes use this blog to think out loud or ask questions. Sometimes my tongue may be in or near my cheek. I may not be sure of some things. Thinking is allowed. I reserve the right to change my mind. Writing helps me to think.

I hope something here may be of some help to someone sometime.

If you think I've gone very wrong, I'd be grateful for a comment or email - marc underscore lloyd at hotmail dot com should reach me.

I'm not mad on annonymous comments.

Let's be nice! Let's not assume we can see into other people's hearts or minds.

I read every comment on this blog, but I can't promise a full response because of the pressures of work, time and energy.

Regarding the MyLibraryThing tool, most of the books I own with ISBN numbers that appear on Library Thing are listed. Of course, just 'cos I own a book doesn't mean I've read it or agree with any or all of it or would buy it again or think you ought to read it or any such thing.

But then you would have assumed all this anyway, wouldn't you?

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