Monday, May 29, 2006

Marc Lloyd

This Marc Lloyd seems to have shot up the Google rankings and I've no idea why.

I guess the "wierd" - to some stange people - spelling really helps?

How to depose the 1st guy and become number 1? Evil genious laugh etc.

Mmm. Its no good being also ran number 2.

Might get eaten by worms, though, if I were too pleased with myself, don't you think? And Google noteriety is a pretty dubious sort of distinction...

Here's an idea, though, at a dinner party, give your guests an amusing print out of a web site that bears their name as a place setting.

For example, did you know you can get Major Matthew Mason action dolls, I believe? And there is a prominent "Matthew Mason" that yields the fist line "I am an athiest". Or another, "I have been playing the drums for 5 years...", or some such. Endless fun.

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