Friday, May 26, 2006

Oak Hill Blog Log (updated)

(This post was last updated: 3/9/06)

Keeping up with the blogs has become a full-time occupation. Maybe there’s scope for a new module – “Church And World” category, perhaps – on internet theology? Dr Strange? But make it 6. Masters -level only. And it probably ought to be compulsary to do the module every year, or something.

There’re the old favourites, of course:

Revd Dr David Field -

Ros Clark – I have a question -

Ros’ blog might be very pretty – with its pink flowers – but I notice blogspot seems to be the Oak Hill provider of choice.

Although he has moved on to bigger and better things (diaconal ministry), perhaps we could include:

Revd Matthew Mason – Mother Kirk -

as a product of the nation’s foremost theological college.

Revd James Oakley has also been blogging since April at:

And there's Celal Baker, the self-styled Oak Hill "bean-counter" and an elder at Enfield Evangelical church:

And Liam Beadle is a regular visitor to college, and d.v. a future student?

Liam Beadle -

But had you spotted the exciting new sites? Or have I just been slow on the uptake?

Mandy Curley’s valiant defence of the gospel (a.k.a. limited atonement) and gluten-free chocolate cake recipe are not to be missed and can surely be included, even though she is soon to revert to Moore College.

Mandy Curley – Safety Girl -

One can keep up with Chris Thomson (Mandy’s substitute at Moore)’s exploits at:

Chris Thomson -

The boys have been getting in on the act:

Tim Gough -

Paul Kerry – Freedom is Coming -

Amusement (oh, and theological depth, of course) can be hoped for from:

Pete Matthew – Big Pete -

Perhaps he could confine his inappropriate comments to cyber-space rather than chapel, where he seems to think it is pastorally helpful to pat those to whom he thinks particular sermon applications especially apply?

The latest addition I know of is Mr T:

Andrew Towner - Towner's Thoughts -

Would anyone else care to declare themselves, or shall we get on with some proper academic work? Good old revision week, eh?

The much loved and very young looking Dawn Evans has joined the ranks of the esteemed bloggers. For all your children's and youth work solutions, for insights into all manner of subjects from Scripture to shopping, for Northern wisdom and a lo a lo a laffs, may I suggest:

Dawn explains that you need to imagine hand gestures to accomponay words such as phone, piano, typing, up north, camera etc.

Happy blogging.

Pete Jackson’s been blogging away at:

Dan Green, a recent Oak Hill student, now youth worker at Holy Trinity, Eastbourne, has a blog at:

Great things can be expected from Nick Cornell at:

Miss Ruth Field (whose excellent cleaning services I’d be very happy to recommend):

Revd Chris Green, the vice-principal of Oak Hill, has a new blog at:

Helen Morrow has been blogging away at:

Rachel Warwick, a former member of staff at Oak Hill, has a blog entitled Not "where next?" but "where now?" at:

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Daniel Newman said...

The slightly unpredictable emboldening of clauses in your 'blog posts always reminds me of the Evelyn columm in the Cherwell, which I of course never read (well, hardly ever).