Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gold Card

On Tuesday I collected my first ever Gold Card – a Bodleian Oxford University Readers’ Card with shiny new photo, taken there and then by the nice woman in the Clarendon building. (Reader admissions moved and had just moved back on Monday!). She was very nice, though she did make me will in the whole form. I don’t remember every having to fill in any paperwork there before.

The librarian asked me about Oak Hill. She had never heard about it but when I explained that it was an Anglican vicar factory in London and the nation’s leading theological college, she said she ought to have heard of it. Many people are in the same position. We have over 40 000 books here, don’t you know?!

The Gold Card has slightly enhanced reading rights over the old brown readers’ cards: lets you look at some manuscripts etc. without special permission.

Unfortunately my bankers’ card and credit card are far from Gold. A kind of sludgy grey / green and somewhat faded. Think I prefer having a nice Bod. Card though. In fact, a very easy way to have people offer you super platinum cards seems to be to run up some nasty debt. Borrow lots of money for a long time an buy lots of depreciating items and the credit card people will make lots of money out of you and laud you with (bad) credit offers.

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