Saturday, May 13, 2006

Let's Revise Together

I've no exams and very few deadlines etc. for the next few weeks so there is a risk of me being very bored. Let's get togther and revise!

It would help me with my research project to talk to you about the Reformed Evangelical doctrine of the Lord's Supper (or baptism or sacraments) or the doctrine of Scripture and anything to do with contemporary Anglican practice to do with them.

And / or any of my current modules: evangelical public theology (esp. economics and Is Faith Good For Britian?); Christians in the Modern World (words and images in contemporary discourse; TV).

And I'm always up for talking about Reformed Theology, Doctrine of God, Salvation, Church History, New Perspective on Paul, The Federal Vision.

It would be good to make Greek Club live again.

Alternatively, I suppose I could make some money or do some academic work but...

Hebrew is a closed book which is beyond my wit and inclination.

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