Friday, May 12, 2006

Barriers to Biblical Faith in Britain today

The big intellectual or world view barriers or alternatives to Christian faith in the UK are:

(1) fundamentalist Islam. We can forget about any so called "moderates" ie "liberals". Their views are incoherent and compromised and will not take over the world, just like Christian liberalism is dying, dying, dead. People are apostatising from Islam

(2) scientific rationalism / materialistic reductionism. No one really believes that.

Anything else?

(3) Principled pluralism, liberalism, human rights, democracy, the centre ground, moderation. Or perhaps that's not a real long term threat? But then I suppose nothing is, for Jesus Shall Reigh Where'er The Sun Doth His Successive Journey's Run (Isaac Watts).

The main barriers to Christianity are not intellectual. Christians are right, you know they are.

Apathy is a big barrier.

So is ignorance.

And sin. People love their sin because their deeds are evil.

They don’t know and they don’t want to know.

The Church is a major barrier. People think they know what the Church is and what Christians believe but they know they don’t want to know. They don’t need God. They have written Him and His people off.

They want the church to be there but they don’t want to be there. They may be church senders but they are not church goers.

We do not need to be more accessible. They have rejected what they've accessed. We need to be more mysterious. People want mystery, greatness, colour, passion, The Other, They Beyond, the one who is Higher than I, whimsicality, questions, answers, certain doubts, known unknowns, defined mystery, revealed mystery. We must call people to know the ineffable God, to comprehend the incomprehensible, grasp the illusive. Paradox is involved.

So is dressing up, singing, music, candles, great chiors and creating an atmosphere of beauty. Thick GOLD LETTER CHURCH. The Moabite must come to Israel. Canna must crumble. As we sing songs, the walls of unbelief will come down and civilisations will be built and the Lord’s Mountain will be the highest mountain and will grow and fill all the earth then God will be all in all.

And there must be lovely great big feasts. Better than the Pagan feasts.

And we must have lots of kids and love them while they have few kids and kill them (abortion they call it). we must nurture our kids, they neglect them (send them to secular state schools).

There should be an optional special evangelistic incubators for some in a nice coffee shop, pub or on a great skate park. Pre-church Light. Evangelism. The church must own stuff and be the best. Warm, welcoming, non-threatening, easy going, food.

Lots of people will be in big trouble on the great final day.

If there is a chance that Jesus Christ is Lord and the Bible is true, drop everything until you know.

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