Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Revd Ray Porter FRAS


So is he a surgeon?

Or a Fellow of a Royal Society?


Ancient stuff?



Asiatic, it turns out.

The RAS is apparently a proper 19th C learned society.

One of Ray's friends was in charge of it or something.

They have dinners and speaker meetings and so on. They publish the Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society - Ray has done some book reviews for it etc.

* * *

What societies would you like to be elected to?

FBA, anyone?

Can non-members propose people? For example, Garry obviously deserves some kind of history / theology greatness award? DD(Oxon) when The Atonement is published in 500 years time, perhaps?

Or can one found a Royal Society? Do we need a minor Royal to join?

Or perhaps a dinning or drinking club is more at our level?


Neil Jeffers said...

What's a dinning club - one where people make lots of noise? I've always wanted to be an ARCM (not good enough to be a fellow). Could we establish a Royal Society of Paedobaptists?

Anonymous said...

In a Vanhoozer article I've just read, he thanks "the members of the Center for Theological Understanding dinner-discussion group". I like the sound of that.

Daniel Newman said...

Count me in for the Royal Society of Paedobaptists.

Marc Lloyd said...

Yes, well I'm willing to the the President of the RSP. Jeffers, would you care to be Chairman? Daniel, secretary? Matthew, Public Orator? Ros, do you want a job? Field, Williams and Ovey could be the council of reference.

And presumably it would be valid. After all, lots of kings and queens have baptised their babies, havent they? The Queen came to Oak Hill once.

Is there a lawyer out there who would like to draw up the papers so we can supplicate for a Royal Charter?

Do you think we should be Guest Members at the Carlton Club or do we want our own home?