Friday, May 12, 2006

Contentious Swan Song

Rev’d Dr John Piper has once again been a great servant of the church with his Contending For All (IVP, 2005) – talks from the Bethlehem Baptist Church Pastor’s Conference. As readable as ever. Inspiring. Elevating. Sound. Popularising but well footnoted. Risking superficiality and ignorance in places. Great.

Lessons from the lives of:

Athanasius (Patristic defender of the Incarnation of our Lord against Arian heresy)

John Owen (17th C English Puritan theologian, pastor and statesman)

Gresham Machem (b. late 19th C - American Evangelical opponent of theological liberalism, defender of Biblical Truth for Today's Church - see Latimer Trust strap line)

C. S. Lewis – quotable stuff on the necessity of reading old books that have stood the test of time to be given insight into our blind spots and perspective on our times.

Get and read and lend this book. Ideal for Sabbath reading with the wife (and kids, maybe).

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