Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Looks like a great project

My friend Lorna Robinson MA(Oxon) PhD (UCL) has just been employed by the University (of Oxford) to launch this fantastic looking project.


And is currently being splashed accross the TES and other papers, I understand.

Her PhD on Magical Realism approaches to Ovid's Metamorphoses and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Cien anos de soledad and sounds fascinating. She says she has another book in her about Margaret Atwood and some old poem - the Illiad, was it? And we are eagerly awaiting the publication of the now finished (again!) but unread (!) novel. Great stuff!

A girl to watch!

Her recent wedding (green dress and take-away Pizza) sounds like a one off too!


Well done Lorna. And all the best with it!

P.S. when are you going to become a Christian?

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Marc Lloyd said...

*Dr Robisnon said by email:*

as you well know, I'll become a Christian when I have sufficient empirical proof.

I know, I'm such a horribly fallen creature having blind faith in my flawed intellectual faculties and lacking the grace of the holy spirit to accept the truth that I know in my heart....

I am awful, aren't I?!!


*I said:*

Yes, but in a kind of nice cool interesting way.

*It seems to me:*

That Dr Robinson is remarkably insightful in the second paragraph here. She has a much better grasp of the Bible and theology than many Christians.

Of course this compounds her responsibility and she will be condemned by her own words unless she repents.