Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Lord's Supper, Hebrews, Jesus as Priest & Victim

Yesterday I had an interview with the Revd Robert (Bob) Morgan, an Oxford NT scholar.

He asked me:

Q: What is the theology of the Lord's Supper in The Epistle to the Hebrews?
The percieved correct answer was: there isn't a theology of the Lord's Supper in Hebrews although some have wrongly taken the talk in chapter 13 of sacrifice and the altar "from which those who serve in the tent have no right to eat" as a refernce to the Supper.

Q: Is it a Biblical idea that Christ is the Priest in the Supper?
Percieved correct answer: No, in the Bible he is clearly the Victim in the Supper, not the Priest.

I should have said, of course, that Christ was the minister, host (in both senses) or president at the first Lord's Supper passover meal and later broke bread with his disciples, the role of the Priest.

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