Friday, January 17, 2014

You have got to love John Frame, Or, Wind Angels?

... have we forgotten that God makes his angels winds and fire, Heb. 1:7? 

(Systematic Theology, p38)

And then the footnote. And there is always a thrill to be had from citing a footnote:

In one of the first philosophy courses I took at college, the professor once asked the students to judge between two hypotheses: (1) the rustling of the leaves in the tree outside is caused by wind; (2) the rustling is caused by angels. Being a logical positivist, he expected us to conclude that only the first hypothesis deserved serious consideration, for the second hypothesis was scientifically unverifiable. As a Christian, I responded differently. And since that time I have always wondered whether there were angels in that tree making the wind blow, or even rattling the leaves themselves. 

(note 3)

Fanciful, maybe. But wonderful!

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