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So, Matthew 4:12-23 (and Isaiah 9:1-7). Any ideas?!

It's not too late the help me with my sermon for tomorrow on Matthew 4:12-23 (and Isaiah 9:1-7)!

Have you preached or heard any great sermons on those passages?

I have heard that some peple like their sermons to have a point, a coherent message, a thrust, even an aim.

So, got any good theme and aim sentences? What is your one big appication?

Oh, and some people like headings. So I bet you can do better than my attempts so far?

* * *

For what its worth, my own summary so far has turned out something like this:

So, we’ve seen Jesus revealed in the Scriptures and in his words and miracles.
Jesus deliberately obeyed and fulfilled the Scriptures as the long-promised Messiah.
Jesus is the light of the world for all in darkness and the shadow of death.
Will you enter and enjoy his light?
Jesus heralds the good news of the kingdom.
Jesus is God the King who has come, with great personal authority, and commands us to repent.
Jesus calls us to follow him and to fish for people.
Will you repent?
Will you follow Jesus?
Will you fish for people?
May God give us grace now and every day to walk in obedience to King Jesus and to bring others to him. Amen.

DV the audio should appear here in due course.

* * *

The Revd Mr Scrivener is worth checking out (as ever) on Isaiah 9.

* * *

The Emmanuel Wimbeldon website has sermons on Matthew 4:12-22 by Jonathan Fletcher and Robin Weekes. 

The Rev'd Mr Fletcher has 3 headings:

(1) Jesus’ ministry was multi-national – the fulfilment of the Jewish Scriptures but also for all nations, the whole world, hence to Galilee of the Gentiles

(2) Jesus’ ministry was personal – he called individuals, pairs and families to follow him

 (3) Jesus’ ministry was eschatological – it pictured the future New Heaven and New Earth – the Kingdom of God now in part and fully in the future - cf. 4:23 & 9:35

The Revd Robin Weekes’ headings are:

(1)   Rejoice because Jesus (the New Israel) is the promised light for all peoples – in fulfilment of Scripture Jesus goes to a surprising place, to Northerners and Nobodies, the Gentiles who live in the dark. Will we share this light with all peoples? (vv12-16)

(2)   Repent because Jesus is the promised king of all people (vv17-22) – the light dawns when the king comes (Isaiah 9) – 4 model responses to the authority of Jesus in vv18-22: (i) Jesus issues a command and not an invitation, requires an obedience – follow me! (v19, v21) (ii) Jesus requires a prompt response not procrastination (vv20, 22) (iii) Jesus gives them a new responsibility to call others (v19)

* * *

The St Helen's Bishopsgate website has 3 relevant sermons:

Paul Clark on vv12-22 - Jesus is the light of the world - follow him

Johnny Jukes on vv12-16 - Good News for Everyone

William Taylor on vv17-25

The Revd Paul Clarke’s headings are:

(1)   What will happen to you on the day of judgement?

Repent and savour the light, enjoy the light, of Jesus’ kingdom (because life without Jesus is darkness and death)

(2)   How should I live while I wait? What shape should my life take?

The repentant follow Jesus and go fishing for people

William Taylor's sermon:

(1)   Jesus makes a radical personal claim (to the be The Son of God himself) - Follow me, God's king

This is confirmed (a) by the Scriptures and (b) by Jesus’ ministry of teaching and miracles
(2)   Jesus commands a radical personal commitment - repent and follow Jesus

(3) Jesus brings a radical promise to bring radical change (v19) - to make us fishers of men

A global vision - Does our vision of Jesus match Matthew’s vision of Jesus?
(1) A global ruler
Isaiah 8 – 9: A vision at the end of a nightmare – God’s people under judgement – the Assyrian invasion
(2) A Galilean preacher

This Galilean preacher is the global ruler
* * *

The St John's Newland website has 5 relevant sermons: RM & SM on 4:12-17 (The preaching of Jesus & The light dawns), MT on 4:17-25 (A different man with a different message - the masses, the message, the man. the mission), JB on 4:18-25 (The king is here) and NB on 4:18-23 (The calling of Jesus).

* * *

On The Tron Church website William Philip has a sermon on 4:12-25 "Listen! He speaks with authority" and 4:17-5:2 "Following & Fishing"

In the first sermon, the headings are something like:

Scripture itself authenticates Jesus’ authority

Jesus’ authoritative summons authenticates his authority

Jesus’ own ministry (of word and work, teaching and miracles) authenticates his authority

* * *

The Doctor has a sermon on Matthew 4:23 - The gospel of the kingdom - The purpose of the Gospel; this present evil world; how does Christ bring in the kingdom? the cosmic dimension of the kingdom.

* * *

Dale Ralph Davis has a sermon on Matthew 4:12-5:2 entitled "Preparing To Hear A Sermon"

4 questions about this preacher:

(1) What’s a brilliant Messiah like you doing in such a dark place as Galilee (of the Gentiles)?

Jesus isn’t the kind of Messiah we might have expected
Don’t be surprised if Jesus surprises you!

(2) What’s a new preacher like you proclaiming such a demanding message?
Jesus requires radical repentance

(3) What’s an unusual Rabbi like you doing controlling my life? Calling disciples and commanding obedience

(4) What’s a popular personality like you doing wasting his time teaching? (4:23-5:2) Prioritising preaching over healing

* * *

A friend suggested two headings:

1. Turn to the King of Light (vv. 12-17)

2. Follow and Fish for the King (vv. 18-22)

* * *

Jesus is the promised Messiah who fulfils the Scriptures

Jesus is the light to the Gentile nations

Jesus is a herald who announces the good news of the coming of the Kingdom (of Heaven /God)

Jesus is God the King who commands all people to repent

Jesus is the Master calls people to follow him and bring others to him

Jesus is able to bring healing and wholeness

Will you look to Jesus, repent, follow him and seek to bring others to him?

* * *

Jesus is light who comes to a dark world

Jesus is the king who comes to a rebellious world

* * *

Jesus lived in conscious obedience to the Scriptures

Jesus calls others to whole-heartedly live for the Kingdom of God – he brings healing and wholeness

Jesus calls others to call others to follow him

* * *

Jesus’ coming is for all peoples – including for those in the dark, for rebels

Jesus’ coming is good news for the deseased and the sick

Jesus calls ordinary people and uses them in his service

* * *

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