Sunday, January 26, 2014

A sermon handout for Mrs Lloyd

Mrs Lloyd requested a handout to go with today's sermon. It would have gone something like this, maybe:

Sunday 26th Jan 2014 – 4th Sunday – 3rd Sunday of Epiphany
Isaiah 9:1-7 (p693)
Matthew 4:12-23 (p968)

Epiphany season: Jesus revealed (to the nations)

Jesus revealed in the Scriptures (vv14-16) and in his words (vv17, 19, 23) and miracles (vv23-25).

Jesus deliberately obeyed and fulfilled the Scriptures as the long-promised Messiah (vv13-14).
(How much more should we obey the Scriptures and allow them to shape our understanding)

Jesus is the light of the world for all in darkness and the shadow of death (vv15-16)

Will you come into and enjoy that light?

Jesus heralds the good news of the kingdom (vv17, 23)

Jesus is God the King who has come, with great personal authority, and commands us to repent (v17)

Will you repent?

Jesus calls us (1) to follow him and (2) to fish for people (v19)

Will you follow Jesus? Promptly (vv20, 22)? Putting him first (vv20, 21)

Will you fish for people? (A promise of what Jesus will do through and in us)

May God give us grace now and every day to walk in obedience to King Jesus and to bring others to him. Amen.

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