Friday, January 17, 2014

The week of prayer for Christian Unity & Multi-faith unity: a plea for a bigger prayer

Apparently it is The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. I have been praying for it along with our local Churches Together group.

It has been suggested to me that what we want is not just Christian Unity but in fact Multi-Faith Unity, or rather the unity of all humanity as the children of God.

Well, yes, we are children of God by creation though the Bible normally speaks of us as children of God by redemption, aopted into God's family in Christ through faith.

It seems to me that what we want is unity in Christ, on the basis of the gospel in obedience to the Word. Yes, we want to see all faiths and all people come to such unity in Christ, but that might not have been the prayer my conversation partner had in mind. Our prayer is not only for Christian Unity but for world evangelization and for the maturity of the church.

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