Thursday, January 09, 2014

Secrets of Being a Good Vicar (Part 1)

There has been some discussion of late from The Archishop of Canterbury on The Today Programme and from Martin Davie in the blogosphere about what makes a good vicar and the effects he might have.

This is all an extremely complicated business, but here is my not so secret guide to being a good vicar:

You will need:

(*) Some measure of love for God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
(*) Some measure of love for people, both the people of God and unbelievers
(*) Some time and energy
(*) A Bible

You will also find a notebook and pen and a diary or their electronic equivalents almost indispensible. A phone and email will probably help.

Now, you must pray and minister the Word publically and individually and to families and small groups.

You will want to pray and read the Bible daily in ways which nourish your own soul. The Anglican pattern includes Morning and Evening Prayer.

You must also prepare to teach and preach. This will probably take hours each week and you would do well to afix yourself you your study chair, open your Bible and notebook and not move untill you have something worth saying and a reasonably inteligible and engaging way of saying it.

The rest is really just detail.

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