Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Vaughan Roberts - The Lessons from John Newton (EMA 2016)

[I may not have written down all these quotes perfectly. It would be worth checking with the audio when it's available]

On how to keep going in Christian life and ministry:

(1) Always delight in grace

42yrs of ordained ministry

I stand in need of an Almighty Saviour and I find one in Jesus Christ

(2) Keep looking to Christ

Newton's motto: "None but Christ"

To know Him is the shortest way to grace

I am nothing; Christ is all

Heb 12v2

2 Cor 3v18

Two eyes on Christ

An enlarged heart having by faith a view of Jesus and his work

Hymn: But since the Saviour I have known
My rules are all reduced to one;
To keep my Lord, by faith, in view,
This strength supplies and motives too. 

(3) Be disciplined in devotion, especially in Bible reading and prayer

The hardest part of my calling is to keep my eyes on Jesus Christ, hungering and thirsting for him


Precious Bible! what a treasure,
Does the word of God afford!
All I want for life or pleasure,
Food or medicine, shield and sword;
Let the world account me poor,
Having this, I want no more.

(4) Maintain close relationships

Ecclectic society

influential in founding what eventually became Church Missionary Society

(5) Suffer well

We do not deal in unfelt truths

Newton's mother died when he was 6. His father was distant and sometimes away at sea.

Newton and Mary had no children. One of their adopted nieces died. Another ended up in Bedlam.

Mary's ill-health and death. Newton felt his hand was being sawn off by degrees.

When his popularity waned, Newton felt slighted and despised.

Hymn: What contradictions meet
In ministers employ!
It is a bitter sweet
A sorrow full of joy:
No other post affords a place
For equal honor, or disgrace!

How unspeakably wonderful to know that all our concerns lie in the hands that bled for us

The end will make amends for all

"The Lord Reigns" should be the banner over every headline in every newspaper

My memory is nearly gone, but two things I remember: I am a great sinner and I have a great Saviour

Vaughan especially recommended Newton's Letters, Tony Reinke, Newton on the Christian Life, and Clare Heath-Whyte, Old Wives Tales - the chapter on Mary Newton

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