Saturday, June 25, 2016

Possible Post-Brexit Referendum Sermon Introduction

Look away now if you want to hear the sermon as a surprise tomorrow!

The Puritan John Owen was perhaps the greatest ever English theologian.

On the 31st January 1649 he was preaching to Parliament.

I wonder who can tell me what had happened the day before?

[Charles I had been beheaded.]

The remarkable thing is that Owen didn’t mention it once.

I’m not planning to mention Brexit either, you may be pleased to hear.

Owen had something far more important to preach about, and so do we:

It’s the great question which occupies these chapters of Romans:

How is a person justified before God?

How can sinners like you and me be acceptable in the sight of a holy God?

There is really no more important question, is there?

Our eternal destiny hangs on this.

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