Friday, June 24, 2016

Simon Manchester - The perseverence of God with the dull - Mk 6:45-53 (EMA 2016)

v48, Jesus was about to "pass by", to reveal himself to the disciples, but he didn't cf. Ex 34 & 1 Kings 19 - parallels of mountains, feedings, water

(1) The teacher

6v52; 8v17, 21

Num 27; Ps 23, "Green grass"

Jesus is a superior Moses - Moses divided the people into 50s & 100s. Moses could pray but Jesus could provide

(2) The breakdown

Ps 77; Is 43; Job 9

Amos 8 - "I will pass by no longer"

(3) The perseverance of Jesus

Sail the 7 c s

Creation reveals a creator
Conscience implies a judge
Christ is personal
The calendar - BC / AD - shows Christ is impressive
The chapters of the Bible make Jesus accessible
The churches show the patience of God
The cemetery and the crematorium show the urgency of the gospel

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