Friday, June 24, 2016

Graham Beynon - Persevering in Holiness (EMA 2016)

Galatians 5

(1) We need to believe our doctrine of sin

(a) Sin is universal

(b) Sin is persistent

(c) Sin is deceptive

(d) Sin is Satanic

(i) The danger of superiority in ministry

(ii) The danger of self-pity in ministry

(2) We need to believe our doctrine of sanctification

(a) We do not need to sin

(b) There can be growth

(c) Holiness is the best way to live

(d) Sanctification depends on grace

(i) We are redeemed and forgiven by grace. This provides a secure foundation for sanctification

(ii) We can only live differently by God's ongoing renewing grace in the power of the Spirit

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