Saturday, June 25, 2016

The joys of committies

A parishioner sent this poem to members of a committee on which I sit - not a PCC, I hasten to add, because they are always excellently chaired models of efficiency and so on - and, of though not entirely true, I thought it was worth sharing:

Oh, have some pity, I'm on a committee
Which means that from morning till night,
We attend and amend and contend and defend
Without a conclusion in sight.
We confer and concur, we defer and demur,
And re-iterate all of our thoughts,
We revise the agenda with frequent addenda,
And consider a load of reports.
We compose and propose, we suppose and oppose,
And the points of procedure are fun,
But though various notions are brought up as motions,
There's terribly little gets done.
We resolve and absolve, but we never dissolve,
Since it’s out of the question for us.
What a shattering pity to end our committee
Where else could we make such a fuss!

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