Saturday, March 12, 2016

The plot to kill Lazarus (again)

In John 12v10, the chief priests, who are already plotting to kill Jesus decide to kill Lazarus as well, because everyone knows that Jesus had raised Lazarus from the dead and they were going over to Jesus and putting their faith in him.  

It’s funny really: Jesus has already shown that he is the Lord of Life and death, yet these religious leaders stubbornly refuse to believe in him.

They decided to kill Jesus and his resuscitated disciple.

What would have happened if they’d killed Lazarus before they killed Jesus?

Would Jesus have raised him to life again?

How many times might he have been killed and resuscitated?

But we know that Jesus the Resurrection and the Life lives eternally.

He has risen once and for all never to die again.

He is enthroned in heaven as the bodily-risen, glorified God-Man.

He lives the life immortal.

Death is done away with.

Lazarus of course did in the end die again.

We don’t know how.

Maybe the chief priests managed to kill him.

Maybe they didn’t.

Tradition says that Lazarus fled from the plots against him and became a Bishop.

But we don’t know.

What we do know is that Lazarus is alive in heaven now with his friend Jesus.

One day Lazarus will receive a resurrection body like Jesus’.

Both men are alive.

In their different ways, both is a foretaste of the resurrection.

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