Thursday, March 10, 2016

The anointing of Jesus at Bethany - John 12:1-8

God willing I will be preaching on John 12:1-8 on Sunday and in preparation I've listened to a few sermons. For those who like such things, I have jotted down some headings:

Christopher Ash at Emmanuel, Wimbledon:

4 responses to Christian resurrection:
 (1)   The adoration of the disciple (v3) – a fragrant response
 (2)   The sour hypocrisy of the unconverted (vv4-6)
 (3)   The sober sacrifice of the Saviour (vv7-8)
 (4)   The hostility of the frightened (vv9-11)
Jonathan Fletcher at Emmanuel, Wimbledon:

(1) Follow Mary’s example of extravagant devotion to Jesus in gratitude for all that he’s done
 (2) Flee from Judas’ greed
 (3) Focus on Jesus’ death for us
Hugh Palmer at St Helen’s, Bishopsgate:
(1) Judas’ question (vv4-5)
 (2) John’s warning (v6)
 (3) Jesus’ verdict (vv7-8)
Melvin Tinker at St John's, Newland:

(1)   a passionate devotion (vv2- 3)

(2)   a sickening deception (vv4- 6)

(3)   a universal division (vv9-10)

Liam Goligher at Duke Street:

(1)   The extravagance of the anointing

(2)   The offence of the anointing

(3)   The significance of the anointing

(a)   What Mary does

(b)   What Jesus says

Edmund Clowney, The Gospel Coalition Website:

(1)   The extravagance of Mary’s devotion

(2)   The folly of Mary’s devotion in the corrupt mind of Judas

(3)   The perception of Mary’s devotion as defended by Jesus

(a)   Mary perceived Jesus’ work – his coming death and burial

(b)   Mary perceived Jesus’ person – he accepts her worship


Graham Burrows said...

I'm preaching on this too so thanks for putting these up.
I have been thinking about this meal along these lines:
1 The smell of death - Jesus anointed
2 The taste of life - Lazarus raised

Marc Lloyd said...

Thanks, Graham. Yes, it's interesting to note the smell that lingers from chapter 11 because the dead Lazarus stinketh!