Monday, March 21, 2016

Big News: Jesus Has Really Risen

Some jottings from an all age talk given at Christ Church, Westbourne, on Easter Day 2014.

The Resurrection of Jesus (Mark 15:33-16:8)

Jesus had really died
(1) 15:40-41 - The women who knew Jesus well saw it happen
(2) 15:44-45 - An expert confirmed it
(3) 15:47 - The women saw where Jesus was buried
(4) 16:1 - The women expected to find a dead body

Jesus has really risen
(1) An angel tells them that Jesus has risen
(2) The tomb is empty
(3) Later they will meet the risen Jesus

Jesus' resurrection confirms all that he taught, who he was, why he came and the effect of his saving death

What are you going to do about it? How will you respond?

Mark shows us a sandwich:
The women (15:40-41)
Joseph (15:43-46)
The women (15:47-16:8)

He wants us to compare the women and Jospeh.

(1) Joseph responds with faith.

(2) The women respond with fear: (a) they are afraid, (b) they flee and (c) they fail to say anything to anyone.

What will you do?

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