Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Acknowledging the kids' helpful use of scrap paper

I normally read the Acknowledgements with interest. Sometimes they are boring and bland. Much better to include some life. I enjoyed this from Lewis Ayres', Augustine and the Trinity (CUP, 2010):

'Anna Catherine Edith, Thomas Francis Augustine and Iain Harry George Gabriel have not been much concerned with Daddy's book: it is not in rhyming couplets, it does not concern Jedi knights and does not come with pictures. But they have been delighted that I have been willing to provide so much paper, with one side oddly used, for colouring and drawing. Their productions on this paper - from treasure maps to 'sacry things' - have frequently been wonderfully diverting. (p.xi)'

My own children often pop into the study to collect my old sermon notes to use as scrap paper, so it struck a chord. I am praying for grace always to embrace the diversion!

Oh, and Thomas Francis Augustine counts as some good theological Catholic names, eh?

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