Saturday, March 07, 2015

Psalm 19 - an outline / handout

If you plan to hear me preach tomorrow, you may wish to look away now.

PSALM 19 (page 552)
2 ways God reveal Himself & our response

(1)   The partial revelation of God in the skies (vv1-6) – creation speaks to us of the glory of God

Cf. Romans 1:20

(a)   Continual (v2b)

(b)   Universal (vv3-4a)

(c)    Unmissable (vv4b-5)

(2)   The perfect revelation of God in the Scriptures (vv7-11) – the Bible speaks to us more fully and better about God

(a)   TITLES of the Word of God: what IT IS

(b)   CHARACTERISTCS of the Word of God: what IT’S LIKE

(c)    EFFECTS of the Word God: what it DOES

(3)   The Psalmist’s response and ours (vv12-14) – how we should speak to God and to others in light of God’s revelation

(a) Repentance (v12)

(b)   Re-dedication (v13-14)

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