Monday, May 25, 2009

Back from Planet Narnia

Planet Narnia: The Seven Heavens in the Imagination of C. S. Lewis by Michael Ward (OUP , New York, 2008) was wonderful, fascinating and persuasive.

Anyone interested in the world, Christianity, God, Lewis, literature or pretty much anything else besides should read this book. Its beautifully written, eloquent and playful. I often found myself marking passages on most pages. Perhaps some Narnia inspired blog posts in days to come.

It was expensive a bit hard to get hold of. My copy seems to be missing the promised picture gallery after p. 126. And I wondered if the index could have been a bit fuller (perhaps with entries for baptism 138, 161, 172, 249; language 145; martyrdom 97; sacraments 30, 49, 163), but I shouldn't quibble.

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Unknown said...

Dear Marc,

Delighted to see that you enjoyed 'Planet Narnia' so much; it was certainly the greatest pleasure to write. Thanks for blogging about it.

I've sorry to say that you have a faulty copy: there should indeed be illustrations between pages 126 and 127. To get a free replacement copy, write to Phil Henderson at OUP and he'll send you one with apologies for this mistake in the printing. His address is

With kind regards,

Michael Ward