Monday, June 19, 2017

John 6:1-15 Feeding of the 5000 Sermon Heading Competition

I recently preached on the feeding of the 5000 from John 6:1-15.

(1) The people's need (vv5-6)
(2) The disciples' inability (vv7-9)
(3) Jesus' ability
(4) Jesus chooses to use his disciples

I encouraged my listener to see if they could make the headings more memorable or engaging, perhaps with the aid of alliteration's aidful art. Their suggestions were:

(1) Picnic unplanned
(2) Panic
(3) Perspective
(4) Provision

(1) Provide?
(2) How?
(3) Eyes on Jesus!
(4) Wow!

(1) Woe
(2) Whoa
(3) Wow
(4) What, me?

(1) People's predicament
(2) Problem posed
(3) Perfect powerful plan
(4) Partner participation

(1) People in need
(2) Philip can't help
(3) Provision from the Shepherd
(4) I'm still working on that one

(1) Hungry humanity / tummies
(2) Helpless disciples
(3) Huge provision from Jesus
(4) Humbled disciples used by Jesus

Let's help

And I think there was one other I failed to write down!

Given that they were doing this in snatched moments in a busy schedule, I was most impressed and delighted with their enthusiasm for engaging in this little evangelical parlour game.

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