Monday, June 05, 2017


Now, dear reader, it will surprise you to hear that I can sometimes be irked, irritated, riled, downright cross.

We know of course that there is such a thing as righteous indignation. But it is worth asking why I am cross. Or why inordinately so.

You might say, because I've got 4 young children. Well, okay. They have been known to be irksome.

You might just say that I should stop being angry, and you might be right. But what is it in me that causes rage?

For example, is it desire for peace, pleasure, ease, fun, interest, control? Is it that the dear children misbehaving shatters my image of myself as the perfect parent? Am I stressed by what I think of as wasted time or duties prevented? Do I long for harmony and a domestic idle as a refuge from the world? Do I think my temper tantrums can solve things quick? Are my outbursts intended to make me feel better or make them lot share my frustration? These, and probably many other questions.

No doubt introspection can be overdone. We must look to Christ a million times for every look at ourselves. But what are our sins and what are the causes of our sins? We might then begin to see cures. Naming the rat might be a step towards killing it.

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