Tuesday, June 27, 2017

EMA Day 1: Main Seminar - The Preacher & Evangelism

THE PREACHER & EVANGELISM: The Word One To One evangelistic resource – studies in John’s Gospel


The Word One To One - Jonathan Carswell & William Taylor

Rico Tice - 1954/55 - Billy Graham evangelism - 90 per cent of converts were already in churches

1990s - Gospel untrue? Irrelevant? Homophobic?

Today - tolerance and permissiveness and no journey towards God

Lots of people have a Xian friend they like

Would you like to look at the Bible with me?

People need someone to help them

The importance of individual invitation

The Bible from the front, small group, one to one, reading for self at home

Has anyone ever looked at the Bible wit you one to one?

Do you understand? What does it mean for us in practice? Next step?

Word on to one gives QQ and AA - you don't need to be a Bible teacher just a Bible sharer

Shepherds don’t give birth to sheep; sheep give birth to sheep

Evangelism, opening the Bible for every Christian - would you read the Bible with me?

More than an intellectual conversation - how to lead someone to Christ?

John Lennox on John 1:1-3 - the Bible has challenges and answers!

Golden tonsils top insurance broker was silenced by v4!

Word one to one - John 1-4 - 4 booklets covering Jn's gospel

Episodes - like a box set - the non-Christian won’t know what comes next

People are v biblically ignorant

verse by verse exposition so that by the end they can read it and understand it

An acceptable accessible version of John's gospel

People don't know there is an OT & they are not sure if Isaiah is a bird or a plane!

people often think the Bible probably has some good stuff in it! They are often willing to look at it.

People esp. men don't want to look idiots. Don't embarrass them.

Only Xians read out loud! People read in their heads! In business, no one has ever read a contract out to me!

An amazing claim in John 1v2: that a person existed eternally from the very beginning and is the maker of all things, the source of all life

The Bible has sold more books than any other. Don't you think it's worth checking out?

1 in 5 people say yes to doing it! Sometimes roughly 50 per cent say yes.

each episode is about 20 mins. You might do one, two or three.

people say why has no one shown me this before?

start on a level playing field - both have the booklet out, not a bible

people are interested in peace and security, not asking about X or Xianity

Jeremy Marshall, chairman of Xianity Explored, terminally ill - an advantage!

We have to start further back than we did 20 or 40 yrs. ago

people have v little knowledge of the Bible

50 per cent of people in the UK think J was not a real person or are not sure

in business we go to them at a time that suits them

church seems weird / frightening / alien to people

trust the supernatural power of the Word to transform

Ask lots of people!

Would you like to read the Bible with me?

God's word connects, resonates - you don't know what is going on in someone's life but God can put his finger on things

people will open up one to one

Jesus and the Samaritan woman

Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch

Jesus walks off the pages of the Bible and meets with people

The church staff must help people to do it - how to do it - help one another

The person doing the training and encouragement must do it himself

The pastor must do the work of an evangelist and needs to have non-Xian contacts

Model how to do it

The biggest dread is not people saying no but people saying yes! Then you have to do a Bible study with them!

it is okay if people say no - The parable of the sower - throw out the seed

people often fall in love with doing one to ones and typically do 4 one to ones at once

this will transform your prayer meeting - pray people will say yes, pray for the one to ones going on

you have to jump into the pool! just do it!

the bible, you and the other person are conversation partners. it does not matter too much who does most of the talking sometimes it is 10 - 90 sometimes 50 - 50

Word one to one could be done one to two - could be done in youth group - every BB group in Singapore are apparently doing it


cf. uncover - studenty resource, younger people, time limitation

not too much on one page - taking time to go through it

a natural discussion / conversation

middle class English people have a file of self-justification - I tried - I wasn't too bad, I ran the marathon for charity - John 5 - you must honour the son if you are to come to the father

all god's people can be involved in the work of evangelism and know X at work and experience the Spirit at work

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