Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Some reasons to believe the Bible

Turretin lists the following marks of divinity of the Scriptures:


(1) antiquity

(2) duration and wonderful preservation

(3) with regard to its instruments and amanuenses, the human authors, their sincerity and candor

(4) its adjuncts, the number, constancy and condition of the martyrs who sealed it with their blood (p63). And the many miracles God worked to induce belief in the divinity of the Bible. (p63). The consent of all people in receiving these books


(1) the matter – wonderfully sublime mysteries e.g. Trinity, Incarnation; the purity of its precepts; predictive prophecy fulfilled

(2) style – majesty, simplicity, boldness etc.

(3) form – divine agreement and entire harmony between books, writers etc.

(4) the end – the glory of God and the salvation and holiness of people

(5) its effects – light and efficacy in generating faith and piety, triumphing over the kingdom of Satan

(IET, vol 1, pp63-64)

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