Monday, May 01, 2017

Isaiah 42:1-9 The Glory of God Alone

The Revd Glen Scrivner was very engaging in the final all age session at Bible by the Beach today.

Jono was very interested in all the premiership football talk!

Glen asked Who gets the credit, the glory? e.g. for a winning goal - the player has been coached to say it was a team effort - the lads done great, but his celebrations show that he is very concerned for his own glory. We can imagine him puffing out his chest and thinking, "I am the greatest!"

Likewise, we know we have to say glory to God, but do we actually give him the credit and glory?

The example of Bach - SDG at end of manuscripts - Glory to God alone!

Glory in the Bible is associated with light - Lk 2:9 - shinning glory - a spreading goodness that drives away the darkness, transforming it

Or God as a fountain, pouring out his glory

The love of Father and Son is too good not to share - an overflow

Is 42:1 - The Father is the ultimate proud Dad!

Jesus - "He fix it" - toddler: Bible the "he fix it" book as Jesus keeps mending our broken world, healing the blind and disabled

God will not give his glory to another - v8 - only to my servant, my Son

Glory means grace and grace means glory

The only way to be in on the glory of God is by grace, by faith in Christ, united to him

We say, "We won!", when our team wins, though we contributed nothing.

Jesus our champion has won on our behalf. He did it all on his own. All credit / glory to our Champion.

1 Corinthians 15:57

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