Tuesday, May 09, 2017

8 ways to find the true meaning of Scripture

According to William Whitaker's Disputation on Holy Scripture:

(1) prayer (p467) – Mt 7, ask etc.; James 1:5

(2) know the original languages (p468)

(3) consider which words are proper and which figurative and modified (p470)

(4) consider the scope, end, matter, circumstances (persons, place, time), antecedents and consequences of each passage (p470) – context – the series and connection of the text (p471)

(5) one place must be compared and collated with another, the obscurer with the plainer (p471)

(6) not only similar passages are to be compared with similar, but also dissimilar passages are to be compared together (p472)

(7) all our expositions should accord with the analogy of faith, the constant sense of the general tenor of the clear passages of scripture, creed, Lord’s Prayer, Decalogue, catechism (p472)

(8) ask those who are more skilled and read learned books (p473)

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