Thursday, April 27, 2017

Regensburg on Justification

Just for fun, on this my day off, I have enjoyed listening to Prof Tony Lane's lecture at The John Owen Society of Oxford on The Colloquy / Diet of Regensburg / Ratisbon (1541) Article 5 on Justification, where Reformers and Roman Catholic theologians reached an agreement, though later things fell apart:

‘Regensburg Article 5 on Justification: Compromising Patchwork or Ecumenical Breakthrough?’

Regensburg teaches a kind of two-fold righteousness, both imputed and inherent righteousness.

Calvin was favourable about the article. He would speak of the two-fold grace of justification and sanctification, which is similar to the Regensburg position. Imperfect but real righteousness of works is a consequence of salvation. Calvin speaks positively (though guardedly of course) about inherent righteousness in his response to the interim of Augsburg. These two types of righteousness should be affirmed but not confounded or confused.

Most reformed theologians have taught a doctrine like this even though they did not use the terminology of two-fold righteousness.

Tony argues that Reformed theologians can accept the Regensburg article on justification. The article is not a compromising patchwork (as Luther thought) but as an ecumenical breakthrough.

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