Sunday, April 30, 2017

1 Samuel 16 jottings

From the sermon today at Christ Church, Horam:

The LORD’s Choice

(1) The hope of the LORD’s choice (v1)

Something commendable in Samuel’s grief over a leader who has been unfaithful

Cf. our situation

(2) The wisdom of the LORD’s choice (vv6-7)

A warning that external appearances can deceive us

A cause for praise that God knows our real needs perfectly

God sometimes saves us from our imagined Saviours

God knows that he is doing!

(3) The surprise of the LORD’s choice (vv8-12)

Likewise, Great King David’s Greater Son who was just a carpenter from Galilee, a friend of sinners, despised and rejected with nothing in his outward appearance to draw us to him

The cross a surprising reversal – not according to apparances

Psalm 118:22ff

(4) The challenge of the LORD’s choice (v13)

David empowered by the Spirit will face great trials and Jesus does after he is filled with the Spirit at his baptism them tempted in the wilderness

Plot against David’s life – cf. plot against Christ’s life

Hard times can be not because of our sin but because of our sonship, not God’s punishment but his loving fatherly discipline. Through them we are made like the Man of Sorrows in his sufferings.

(5) The irony of the LORD’s choice (vv14-23)

The rejected king enlists the newly appointed king in his service

The world rejects the church though (imperfectly) she serves and brings relief

Christ constantly does good to the world that rejects him

Spurgeon responding to a critical agnostic calls upon “The God who answereth by orphanages: let him come down!” – even if people reject the faith, they ought to acknowledge the great good done in Christ’s name by the church throughout history

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