Thursday, April 06, 2017

Palm Sunday - The Triumphal Entry Matthew 21:1-11

In a public service to the clergy, some headings for Sunday's Gospel Lectionary readings.

Quite a number of years ago I jotted down these headings from sermons I listened to on the interweb:

From Nathan Buttery:

(1) The King who Controls his own Destiny (vv1-3)

(2) The King who Comes in Humility (vv4-7)

(3) The King who will Complete the Victory (vv8-11)

From Rico Tice:

(1) The king’s sovereignty (vv1-3)

 (2) The king’s humility (vv4-9)

Today I also listened to:

St Helen’s Bishopsgate – William Taylor – Matthew 21:1-11 – God’s King – -19 November 2002 – Series: A Godless Affair

Promise and long-awaited fulfilment: Jesus is the authentic deal, the real McCoy

 Ch 19-25: The authentic Kingdom v the religious sham

 (1)   The arrival of Jesus as God’s king in God’s city

 Donkey a kind of robin reliant not the gold state carriage or presidential helicopter, no stretch limo with police out-riders

not a war horse but donkey a sign of peace, not an armoured personnel carrier

(2)   The acclamation of God’s king by the gathered people of God

The choreography of vv6-9 – who is speaking here

 The king will gather his people to him and bring the redeemed of the Lord into Jerusalem

 Is 35 – the ransomed of the Lord will come in with singing

 Ps 118 – God’s people welcome God’s king into God’s city

 V10 – stirred – suggests an earthquake – the city is shaken by Jesus

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