Monday, March 13, 2017

The LORD seeks tart to worship him (John 4)

It’s typical boy meets girl story

A man goes to a foreign country seeking a bride, meets a woman at a well, asks for a drink, gives her water, and then they get married.

It might not sound very romantic to us, but it’s the Bible equivalent of the classic Hollywood love story.

Think of:

Gen 24, Isaac & Rebekah;

Gen 29, Jacob & Rachel;

Ex 2, Moses & Zipporah;

And now in John 4, Jesus & the Samaritan woman

The context in John points to this theme too:

Jesus at a wedding, 2:1-12;

Jesus the Bridegroom, 3:29;

In the wider Biblical theology – Jesus is the bridegroom, his church is the bride. Eph 5:32

The LORD the husband of an adulterous people e.g. Hosea 1:2

The chat up line comes in verse 7:

Jesus says to the Samaritan woman: “will you give me a drink?”

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