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John 11 - some sermon headings

17th March 2013 – Anthony Bewes – Invitation Service – St Ebbe’s

(1) The claim – v25 – Jesus is the resurrection and the life and whoever believes in him will live

(2) The credentials – Lazarus’ resurrection, and indeed Jesus’ resurrection

(3) The crunch – v26 – do you believe this?

* * *

Pete Wilkinson - 12 Jun 2009 – St Ebbe’s Website

Have you ever received a message like that in v3?

(1) Jesus declares his power over death (first part of the chapter)

(2) Jesus demonstrates his power over death (second part of the chapter)

4 surprises

(1) Strange love (vv1-6) – strange that Jesus delays and does nothing

God’s inexplicable delays can be matters of love

We can often be like toddlers who can only understand now not later

(2) Strange confidence (vv7-10) – Jesus is willing to head back to Judea / near Jerusalem, facing death, trusting God’s timing – a whole different way of seeing death merely as sleep

In the words of John Wesley, we are immortal till our work on earth is done

(3) Strange joy (vv14-15) – Lazarus died, Jesus glad he was not there

(4) Strange comfort (vv17-27) – I am the resurrection and the life – hold on to me in the face of death – do you believe this / trust in me?

Also 19 Jun 2009

Jesus is confronted by death and Jesus confronts death

For God’s glory and for our faith

Cf. v32, “if only…” – words that often follow death

(1) Jesus’ tears (v35)

(2) Jesus’ anger (vv33, 38) – deeply moved = moved to anger, outrage, indignation at death, like a horse snorting

(3) Jesus’ power

* * *

Rico Tice – All Souls’, Langham Place - 3D-Life in perspective - E001 Guest Services - 16/03/2008

(1) Jesus Christ was indignant about death (v33, v38)

Jesus came to draw the sting of death, sin

(2) Jesus Christ demonstrated his power over death

* * *

Charlie Newcombe - - 7. Christ our Life - THE SEVEN SIGNS - in John's Gospel - 09/09/2007

3 themes in vv25 and 26

(1) In Jesus there is a realism about death – “even though he dies” – death is a sure thing and a sad thing

(2) In Jesus there is a reversal of death – Jesus not only makes the claim but proves his credentials

(3) In Jesus there is a response to death – believing in Jesus is required (v15, vv25-26, v40, v42, v45)

* * *

Simon Vibert, Lives Jesus Changed: Lessons about Life from John’s Gospel (Christian Focus, 2010)

Mary, Martha and Lazarus: Life that Doesn’t End in Death

They think it’s all over

Faith emerges slowly

Even bringing a dead man back to life is not enough to convince some
* * *

John Chapman, St Helen’s, Bishopsgate, 31 January 1989

(1) Death comes to everyone – do you think you are equipped to handle it?

(2) Death is not the end – do you trust Jesus with your death?

Jesus says the judgement day has arrived in me (v25): he is the last day of the resurrection brought into the present.

Whether or not we have eternal life, depends on our response to Jesus

* * *

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