Monday, March 13, 2017

John 4vv27-42

Jesus’ Secret Food Supply

John 4:27-42

Vv10-14: Jesus is able to give Living Water

V32: Jesus has a secret food supply (cf. v8, v27, v31, v33)

What is Jesus’ food?

Jesus’ food is to do the will and work of the Father (v34)

That is what sustains and satisfies him (cf. Dt 8:3).

à What keeps you going? Where do you look for satisfaction?

à When did you last miss a meal you were so taken up with something else? Would you put yourself out for this work?

What is the Father’s will and work?

What has Jesus just been doing?

Seeking worshippers (v23 cf. v27)

5:17-21; 6:38-40; 9:3-4; 17:4; 19:30

Jesus the Saviour of the World (v42; cf. 3:17)

Look: a great harvest has begun (vv35-38; cf. v30)

à Do not delay the work of evangelism (vv35-36)

à Open your eyes; look for opportunities

How is this work done / this harvest brought in?

Jesus is sent by the Father (v34)

Jesus sends his disciples into the harvest field (v38; cf. Mt 9:38)

Believers will do even greater works than Jesus (14:12)

à Be involved in this great work of evangelism

A partnership in which there are different parts (vv36-38)

The Samaritan woman is involved in the harvest; the Samaritans are part of the crop

The value of personal “testimony”, bearing witness (v39)

Speaks of her own experience about Jesus (v29, v39)

à Could you give your testimony?

The priority of Jesus’ words (vv41-42)

à Work for this food that lasts and satisfies (6:27-29)

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