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Some jottings on a sermon by Vaugan Roberts on Ex 32-

Vaughan Roberts, St Ebbes, 16 Jun 2002
A Terrible Betrayal

covenant breaking – a fundamental breach of contract which allows one party to walk away
Ex 24 – the signing ceremony
Ex 25-31 detailed instructions for the tabernacle – the climax of the covenant is that God himself might be with them and live amongst them
Ex 32 a massive anti-climax, an awful shock
Will God walk away from his people?
Perhaps he won’t draw near after all

(1)   God’s covenant is threatened by a terrible sin


How could they do this after God’s gracious rescue, the miracles, the Passover, all they had experienced?

They forget all about God in v1.
They say Moses has brought them up out of Egypt.
What folly to think you could make a god!

V5 – Aaron appeases his conscience / rationalises

Aaron knew the 1st to commandments well enough

We are so easily just like this

God has made it clear that we are to approach him through his Word, his written word the Bible and the incarnate Word the Lord Jesus Christ

(2)   God’s covenant is maintained through a faithful mediator


(i)                 God listened to Moses as he prayed

Moses prays on the basis of God’s name, his reputation, what will people say?
For the sake of your name, please don’t do it!

The priority of the honour of God’s name

He prays on the basis of God’s Word, his promises

(ii)               God drew near to him

[29 minutes in to recording - includes readings]


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