Sunday, August 23, 2015

Some jottings on a sermon by Dick Lucas on Exodus 32

The 9 O clock Service Sheffield 1986 – an alternative form of service that allegations of sexual and emotional abuse

(1)   The quick descent (v1, v8)
Moses was up the mountain for 6 weeks

Our natural inclination to idolatory – not just a primitive thing
Mental as well as metal idols
The last words of 1 Jn: “little children, keep yourself from idols!”
Idolatry is a constant danger

Cf. Galatians – “I am astonished that you are deserting the gospel so quickly”

Ex 32 not just irrelevant history. This could be repeated in any generation

Self-indulgent religion

(2)   The weak leader (vv22-24)
Cf. Genesis 3 – blaming everyone else
Aaron a great leader, v important, Moses’ right hand man, the spokesman to pharaoh and the people, 1st high priest

Dean Liddle Sermon on the death of Aaron preached at St Paul’s in 18**

He crumbles and compromises on this terrible day
Aaron tried damage limitation (vv5-6)
He was faced with intolerable pressure

Vv21, 25
This great man was at fault
He wanted to please the people, he gave way to pressure
Perhaps he wanted to find a middle way, which was impossible
Avoiding confrontation
Wanting to be popular

The C of E? Strong leadership

(3)   The faithless festival

V19 – Moses’ indignation

(i)                 Synchretism (vv5-6) – compromise – unifying different religious systems
John Hick. The uniqueness of Jesus downplayed

Calf / bull / strength / john bull – English strength

Substitutes a man-made religion for God

(ii)               Sensuality (v6b, v25) – casting off of all restraint – sexual dancing
(iii)             Shouting (v18) – “sound” 3X – Acts 19:34 – shouting for hours, great is Artemis of the Ephesians

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