Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Is our country full?

In one sense, obviously not. I live in the countryside and I can tell you there are is lots of it. I would welcome some more people in my churches and at our local schools.

But there are issues. I would be less keen to have nearer neighbours or have the view from the Rectory affected.

Some of our roads, hospitals, prisons and schools are far too full. There are issues of integration. People who come to our church or school would need to learn English pretty quickly and whilst we would be enriched by them and would want to change in various ways, we have a good idea of the culture and values which we want and to which everyone (new-comers and oldies included) needs to conform.

But on the whole it is likely that immigrants will contribute to our nation ecconomically. Now, we need to make sure our system serves work not unfounded welfare, but the thing about immigrants is that they had the get up and go to get up and come. It is a compliment (in both senses) that they should want to come here. It is unlikely that they will want to settle down on a friend's sofa forever once they get here. But they need to be allowed to work legally so that they have an investment in our society and pay taxes. They may "take [some of] our jobs" but that will create more jobs. There is not a finite ammount of pie and immigrants who "take our jobs" will want us to make and serve them with more and bigger pies. Eveyone will get fatter.

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