Thursday, December 19, 2013

The blessings of clergy-life

Being a Vicar isn't what it was, but sometimes the clergy can be moaning minies. There are real challenges and pressures to ordained life, but real blessings and opportunities too.

(1) The best work in the world. It is your job to pray, read the Bible and tell people about Jesus. If that does not excite you at least some of the time you should urgently apply to stack shelves in Tescos.

(2) You are largley your own boss and can do what you like though it might not feel like it

(3) You will not make your millions or keep up with the Joneses but you are unlikley to starve untill retirement

(4) You live in an adequate 4 bedroomed house with study and loo that should be maintained for you by the Diocese and decorated by the PCC. It may not be a mansion but in some places it might be the best house in the parish and in others it is far far more than you could ever hope to afford in that postcode.

(5) There is no heavy lifting involved

(6) If you want to you can probably have breakfast, lunch and dinner with the wife and kids most days. Remember that someone who commutes to work in the city leaving at 6:50am and getting back at 7:10pm may only see his kids from the ages of 0-7 at the weekend.


William Musson said...

3) is the one that has changed over the years...before you did not starve in retirement either!

Marc Lloyd said...

Really? I guess it is homelessness which is the big worry for many? I have 30 odd years to worry about it but I don't see how that helps when we are blowing the meagre stipend each month.