Thursday, July 05, 2007

Psalm Singing

Calvin says: “On the other hand, there are the psalms which we desire to be sung in the Church, as we have it exemplified in the ancient Church and in the evidence of Paul himself, who says it is good to sing in the congregation with mouth and heart. We are unable to compute the profit and edification which will arise from this, except after having experimented. Certainly as things are, the prayers of the faithful are so cold, that we ought to be ashamed and dismayed. The psalms can incite us to lift up our hearts to God and move us to an ardour in invoking and exalting with praises the glory of his Name.”

(Articles concerning the Organization of the Church and of Worship at Geneva proposed by the Ministers at the Council January 16, 1537, Reid, Calvin: Theological Treatises, LCC, p53)

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