Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Here are some jottings for the Buzz group we’re thinking of doing on camp on Tuesday (advance planning, or wot?!:

Main teaching point:

Because of our rebellion against God, we rightly deserve the punishment of death and judgement

Bible verse:

Hebrews 9v27

Introductory Game:


(In groups, leaders to check for “appropriateness” of what members read out!)

X met Y at Z. X said A, Y said B and the consequence was C.

Teaching point:

All sorts of things in life have consequences.

We were thinking in this Buzz group yesterday about our rebellion against God.

We’re going to think today about some of the consequences of that rebellion.

Group Discussion:

What punishment fits the crime?

Sheet of scenarios to discuss in groups (e.g. a pupil swears at a teacher, a man murders his parents etc.)– what would the appropriate punishment be.

(Its not actually for us to decide – we’re not the judges!)

Teaching point:

The Bible tells us that our rebellion against God is terrible. He made us, we belong tohim, so we ought to serve him. He loves us and gives us everything yet we reject him. Our rebellion is worse than treason against the greatest king or murder of the most loving parent.

The Bible tells us that death and judgement are the right punishment for our rebellion against God.

Hebrews 9v27.

The Bible tells us that God’s judgement is awful. It is very bad news for rebels like us.

But that’s not the whole story. The Bible has great good news for rebels: that God loves us despite our rebellion and that he’s sorted it out so that we don’t have to face his judgement if we trust in Jesus. We’re going to think about that good news more tomorrow in this Buzz Group, so make sure you come back for that!


michael jensen said...

'the Bible tells us that God's judgment is awful'... Doesn't it rather say that God's judgment is very very good?

Marc Lloyd said...

Yes, okay, of course: awful and very very good. Good in general. Awful, dreadful to be a sinner who falls into the hands of the living God. Wonderful for the suffering righteous who will be vindicated. Awesome (awe-ful!) for all.

Thanks, Michael. Iron sharpening iron and all that. Wouldn't want to be going liberal!