Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Exciting Book Launch on Saturday

Here are some jottings for the talk I’m giving on camp on Saturday. Obviously the 11-14 year olds will be fascinated by my observations on Blair and Brown and need to know that Caesar is not Lord!

Mark 1:1-8

Listen to Mark’s Good News about King Jesus

[Why is today an extremely exciting day?]

Harry Potter book launch today

An even more exciting

Massively more important book

A True Story

An opportunity to explore this book of Mark

Look back at our reading

V1 is like a title

It’s the kind of thing that should be in 2 inch high gold letters on the front of the book.

Or, maybe better, v1 is like a heading, or a headline from a newspaper:


“Gospel” means Good News.

In fact, Mark tells us the best good news in the world ever.

“Gospel” is the kind of word you’d use for some great announcement.

“Gospel” is a word that you could use to describe the birth of a great new king.

Olden days – proclamation going throughout the land – man on a horse and a trumpeter – “The King is Dead – Long Live the King! There’s a New King! Everything’s changed!”

Gordon Brown – a new ruler - how much it really affects us? – will anything really change?

Tony Blair’s government – a new era – going to change the world – a false hope

Jesus is a new king – he’s one who doesn’t disappoint.

Mark’s gospel shows us that Jesus can deliver what he promises.

Jesus is not just another human king.

He’s the ultimate king: God’s chosen king.

As we look at Mark’s gospel together this week, we’ll see that Jesus is the king of creation – clams the storm – cures diseases.

This word “Good News” could also be used to describe a decisive victory in a battle.

Satan can’t stand against him – like a strong man, tied up, Jesus can come in and take away all Satan’s stuff!

Jesus’ cross looks like a dreadful defeat, but in fact its an amazing victory

The resurrection proves that Jesus is enthroned as the King of the Universe

Jesus brings a change of government that changes everything!

Not Ceaser is Lord, but Jesus is Lord.

Ceaser claiming to be The Son of God – Jesus is the Son of God

Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, whoever, are not Lord!

The hope for our world is not a new human government, but King Jesus – and the new “age” he’s brought in.

“Christ” – promised Messiah – God’s chosen one – rescuer / king

Promised in Isaiah

About 800 years before Jesus


John the Baptist comes before Jesus to tell us that “Jesus is the One!” (v7_

All this waiting – at last he’s come!

V3 – Jesus is in fact “the Lord” God himself

Not only the Son of God but God the Son.

God has come to his people and he’s going to sort everything out.

It calls for a response.

John was saying, “get ready! Look out! He’s coming”

V4 - “repent”

Important – really matters

Listen to Mark’s Good News

We leaders just want to do what John the Baptist was doing in v7 – we want to point you to Jesus and tell you how marvellous he is.

If you’re already trusting in Jesus, that’s fantastic.

We hope this week will be a great encouragement to you.

Grow in confidence as we think about Jesus greatness.

Enjoy learning more with you about who Jesus is and what he came to do.

You know how it is when you’ve got really good news? – You’re just bursting to tell people!

We’ve got the best good news in the world ever to tell people.

If you’re not yet trusting in Jesus…

This could be the best week of your life!

You could look back on this week when you’re as old as the leaders as the time when your sins were forgiven (v4)

When the Holy Spirit renewed your heart and made you clean on the inside (v8)

We’re going to think a lot more about these things this week.

You probably have lots of questions about what I’ve said.

But we hope that as you listen to these talks and in our Bible studies, you’ll weigh up these things for yourself.

Ask yourself: Who is Jesus? Why did he come? What difference should it make to me?

We want you to listen to Mark’s Good News about Jesus.


ros said...

I wonder how many of them will have been up at midnight the day before? And how many won't want to do anything until they've finished it? Could be an interesting start to camp...

Marc Lloyd said...

Yeah, interesting questions. What is the target age range of Potter these days? (Except for every adult on the tube, that is). I don't get the impression that our usual crowd are the most bookish in the world. Its probably different on posh kid camp! :)

Neil J. said...

I was told today that 1 in every 42 households in the UK have pre-ordered the new Harry Potter (including this household).